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Preface to Hatim-Online

There are 30 juzs in the Holy Quran. Each juz is divided into four hizbs and is about 20 pages long. Hence, there are totally 120 hizbs exist in the holy Quran and each hizb is about 5 pages long. It takes about 8 to 16 minutes to read a hizb in our system. When 120 people read one hizb oneself together, a hatim (recitation of whole Quran) is completed. In this way it means that 365 hatims could be completed per person in a year. So, we could have the opportunity of winning the deed of whole hatim in every day during our life. We are fulfilling a total number of 30 hatims with this method in the month of holy Ramadan. Moreover, the whole year becomes like the Ramadan so does our whole life. This is only possible a truthful and sincere community cooperate and stick together. It is impossible to achieve this result by someone alone.

    Other Benefits:
  • To deal with Quran in every day at least 15 minutes, to be faced with Quran and to look at the holy message.
  • To encourage all the family to read (Qira'at) Quran.
  • To have the recitation of Quran at home every day.
  • To gain the habit of reading Quran fast with tajwid (proper pronunciation during recitation) as reading each hizb several times because it is available at any time.
  • To be familiar with the meaning of Quran after a few years because it can be read with the translation.
  • To be able to improve the reading by reciting and listening every hizb repeatedly.
  • To be honored with belonging to the followers of Quran (Hizbul Quran) as being known as being a member of sincere community to gather around the Quran to recite.
  • To know that if the death comes, it takes one soul but he or she continue to be alive from the aspect of deed. Inshallah many deeds would be written on his/her account till the Doomsday as long as the collective recitation lasts.
So, besides earning deeds, it is possible to educate ourselves about the Quran due to these benefits.
A companion of the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) told as : “I recite the Quran in three ways. First by reading the words verbally. The second, by contemplating the meaning. The third, by practicing. The truthful understanding could be this way as the secret of practicing is the sincerity (ihklas).
We are doing the recitation verbally by reading the ayets (verses) bot in Arabic and in other languages we understand in the Hatim-Online Community. Here the path of the companions!

How does Hatim-Online work?

systematicaly reading quran (hatim) portal It was taking too long time to recite the whole Quran (hatim) alone till now because it is a lengthy procedure. However, the Hatim-Online Community has achieved to decrease this duration into less than seconds in the case of having enough active members, Allah's willing (inshaallah).
The reciters or readers have the opportunity of reciting the whole Quran (hatim) in a fast and convenient manner which is ever seen, together even without knowing each other and living in different parts of the world. Each contributor gain the full deeds of the complete recitation according the rule of participation of the good deeds, inshaallah.
As it is known, our holy book Quran is divided into 120 hizbs. Completing a hatim (recitation of the whole Quran) is done by reading all the 120 hizbs completely. Consequently, the Quran is divided into 120 hizbs as well in our system. Each hizb which generally takes 8-16 minutes.
When the user clicks on a hizb, this hizb opens to him both in original Arabic text and in the translated text in the desired language, and in audible format of Arabic. Each reading ayet (verse) is being marked separately to facilitate the tracking. After listening to the whole hizb completely, that hizb is marked as “read” in our hatim table as the the system receives the completion signal. If the hizb is closed without listening completely it means that this hizb is going to be marked as “unread” again in our hatim list due to lack of the completion signal. Our system recognizes whether a hizb is being read or not by controlling it in every 3 minutes. Therefore, when a hizb is closed without completing, the user can not open and listen to any other hizb within 3 minutes in average (suspension time). After 3 minutes it is possible to continue to open the desired hizb again. This suspension mechanism is only active when the listening of a hizb is not completed. Based on this basic rule, the Hatim-Online Community has the capacity of completing a hatim in every second in the case of the number of active members is high enough.
If our hatim table is marked completely, the button of the hatim prayer is opened. When it is clicked and listened entirely, our hatim is done. May Allah accept. Amen.

Quick Introductory Guidelines

  1. Important Links in Our Site: Register, login, My Account (it appears after the login), Home
  2. Other Languages: You can select the language for layout. In the first access the Hatim-Online Community use the language of the country automatically from your browser settings. The users who don't like to use the default language, they can change it with the desired language from the add-drop menu. The members can record their preferred language when they register. On the next login the preferred language is used. This selection can be changed any time from “My Account” section.
  3. Current Hatim: The current hatim number where you see in the hatim list.
  4. First 19 Quran Hatims Table): By clicking on the hatim numbers separately you can continuously track them to check how many hizbs are read and whether you can contribute if you wish.
  5. The Caption of The Current Hatim: Here you can learn about the subject of the wish for the current hatim.
  6. Drawn by: The user name of the member who has started the current hatim on his or her wish. In the hatims started by the system the name of the Hatim-Online Community is shown.
  7. All Opened Hatim List/All Quran Hatims: You can reach all hatims being read, and can get information about them such as started by whom, when it is started and the completion time for the finished hatims.
  8. Information About the Hizb: The basic rule of our system is to show the state of the hizbs by marking them in three colors. The not read (unread) ones in white, being read ones in yellow and the read ones (completed) in green.
  9. Hatim Prayer: The button which is active when the all hizbs are read in an opened and being read hatim. When the hatim prayer is clicked, the current hatim is completed and this hatim table is closed. Then it is replaced by the following hatim table immediately.
  10. Login: The required login form to open your session and useful links special for the members (My Account, Change Password, Personal Wish List, User Data etc.)
  11. Hatim-Online Community Ad-Banner and Logos: The advertising materials section to be used on other web sites. You can help to make our web site more popular by using these banners and logos.
  12. Amount of Read Hatims: The total number of hatims by our members on our web site.
  13. Statistics: Important statistics section about our web site.
  14. Current Hatims Being Read: Total number of hatims and hizbs reading by our members currently on our web site.
  15. Rank List: The most 19 active members who contributed most among our members.
  16. General and Actual Information about the Hatim-Online Community

How to complete a hatim?

You have two opportunities to complete a hatim (recite the whole Quran):
First, by clicking any hizb on the hatim table and listening and reading it completely to the end. So, you can join the current hatim which is collectively being read . The membership is not necessary.
The second one is to open a personal hatim after the registration. Our system builds a personal hatim table for each registered member. The whole Quran from the hizb number 1 to 120 exist in this table as well. The hizbs you read are marked as “read”. When you complete your personal hatim the Hatim Prayer opens and you finish your own hatim. None of the other members can join your personal hatim.
Moreover, when you join a collective hatim while you are login, the hizb you read is marked as “read” both in the tables of current hatim (collective) and in your personal hatim. By reading the hizbs on the current hatim table you both share the deeds of these 120 hizbs and of your one personal hatim as well. Wish one of them may be accepted :)

What happens, if a hizb is clicked, which is being read or has been read by another user?

When a hizb which is being read or has been read is clicked twice, our system assures that hizb not to be lost by starting the following hatim table including the same hizb as read. When the first current hatim is completed, following the second hatim table becomes active and replace the first one. So, the Hatim-Online Community has the capacity of completing a hatim in every seconds due to these endless number of hatim lists.

For example, the number 746 as amount of read hatims in the current statistics means that any of the hizb has been read 746 times.

A New Rule: The authority of the visitors is canceled due to the possibility of opening unbelievable numbers of new hatims as a result of reading the first hizb as trials of the visitors. Being a registered member is required to open a hatim. However, any visitor which is not registered can contribute by clicking the unread hizbs on the opened hatim tables.

How does the hatim wish list work?

It is required that you have to be a registered member and have read at least 60 hizbs in order to earn hatim wish right. It is not asked any charge for the registration. One wish right per each 60 hizbs read is given to the registered members. You can find the number of hizbs you have read up to now and whether you have used your hatim wish rights under the My Account link.
Our registered members can apply the hatim wish list according to their various conditions:
  • I'm sick I wish a hatim.
  • One of my close relatives has died, I want a hatim.
  • I will take an exam, I want a hatim.
  • Etc.
Your application is recorded. If there is an inconvenience which is contrary to Islamic Rules in your wish, this wish is removed by the Hatim-Online team. The confirmation is done by sending an automatic e-mail message to the person who made the wish after the hatim is completed.

If there is no wish from any of our members in the hatim list order and a new hatim table is opened, our system assigns a hatim wish in its records. This is shown at the upper left corner of the table.

 This hatim is read for our prophet Muhammed (sas) 571-632 - drawn by: [Member Name]

English is preferred for the users from all over the world to understand the system. Primarily, the wishes of members are evaluated as explained above. In short, from the moment as you applied your wish, it is used in the next hatim table if there is no other member in the hatim wish list.

How do I enter my hatim wish?

Here is how you can use your hatim wish right. In order to earn hatim wish right you have to be a registered member and have read at least 60 hizbs. For each 60 hizbs read, members will get one hatim wish. You can find the amount hizbs you read and your wishes under the My Account link.
Your wish:

This hatim is read for (in short sentence ...):
Example: This hatim is read for our prophet Muhammed (sas) 571-632

drawn by: .

This hatim is read for (in short sentence - for my request or event...):
Example: This hatim is read for the success of Hatim-Online Community

drawn by .

Why I should register in the Hatim-Online Community?

If you get enough information about our web site, the first thing which may attract your attention is the importance of the registration before doing any action. The first question you may ask yourself might be as “Why I should register?”
You can also utilize our system without registration. Someone who comes as visitor can open a hizb quickly and can contribute to every hatim which is being read collectively. Our insistence to register is due to the fact that every registered member has broader opportunities in our web site. When you become a registered member you can continuously control and track your private statistics, completed hatims and hizbs. Even more, you will have the opportunity to have a hatim to be read for your praying or for your sainted relatives. It is not asked any charge for the membership.

Some of the opportunities and functions for each registered members:

  • A personal account that you can track continuously
  • Existing personal statistics
  • Your own personal hatim table which can tracked
  • The numbers of hatims which were read or is being read that you contribute
  • The right for the application of hatim wish
  • and much more is being prepared...

Unregistered users can contribute to all Quran hatims but they do not have the opportunities listed above.

Amount of read Hatims:
May Allah accept! Amen.

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Our goal is to enable all muslims arround the world to participate at "good deed" (Sevab/Hassanat) as defined by Islam. With our project we allow people around the world to participate audiovisualy to build a community for reaching the Sevab/Hassanat of fullfilling the reading of the Holy Quran. You can help us!
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