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12.02.2012 AchtungImportant News: We changed our rules for starting new hatims! There are more than 746 open hatims at the moment and to complete them in the old way would take years. So we decided to change it. Now it is not any more possible to start a new hatim, if there are more than 100 open hatims. Please let us try together to complete still open hatims.

Thanks for your understanding.
Your hatim-online-team!
Hint: Our data-analysis shows that most of our members begins reading quran at hizb 1 and follows the order straight to hizb 120. These members are joining fewer hatims.
Our recommendation: On each entrance to Hatim-Online.com select a not read hizb from first hatim. Later you can continue to read your own hatim at "My Account". By doing this you get the possibility to join more hatims and get the good deed (sevab) for this.
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If you wish to get detailed information about our community, first you should have a look at our help area.
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Development/Planning/Update - on Hatim-Online Community
 02.12.2007 - Now your personal hatim wishlist marks hatims still have startet.
28.11.2007 - For a better usability we worked on design and colors.
24.09.2007 - A mouseover-effect was added to the hizbselection. This displays to which juz the hovered hizb belongs to. Example: 60. Hizb = (Juz: 15 Hizb 4/4)
03.09.2007 - The arabic font shown at the Quran-recitation is switched to a more readable font. Further some bugs in characters are resolved.
02.09.2007 - Beneth turkish-, german- and english-translations of The Holy Quran now a french-translation is available.
Hatim-Online Community is online since June 15 2007. Our goal is to spread the message of the Holy Quran to all mankind Muslims throughout this world free of cost.
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Our goal is to enable all muslims arround the world to participate at "good deed" (Sevab/Hassanat) as defined by Islam. With our project we allow people around the world to participate audiovisualy to build a community for reaching the Sevab/Hassanat of fullfilling the reading of the Holy Quran. You can help us!
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